Bosky 25-30

Bosky 25-30
Bosky 25-30 Bosky 25-30 Bosky 25-30
Brand: Thermorossi
Product Code: Bosky 25-30

After having heated the homes of thousands of devoted customers BOSKY’s appearance has been restyled while maintaining its renowned reliability and quality. BOSKY is welcomed into Italian homes for its refinement, elegance and engineering and because of its exclusive features:

• it heats the radiators of the central heating plant
• it produces domestic hot water accumulated in a connected boiler tube
• it heats the space around it by means of heat radiation from the cook top
• the large cook top permits cooking at different temperatures, and in some models, there is an incorporated oven
• the range of different colours available makes it fit in with any furnishing requirements.

Technical Manuals

pdf Bosky 25-30 Installation, Maintenance and User Guide

pdf Guide to wood burning on a Bosky

pdf Bosky 25-30 Measurements

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