CompactMatic 50

CompactMatic 50
CompactMatic 50 CompactMatic 50 CompactMatic 50 CompactMatic 50
Brand: Thermorossi
Product Code: CompactMatic 50

Our certified and well established range of Compact, automatic pellet boilers is now further enhanced with the addition of the CompactMatic 32-50. 

This new product incorporates a whole host of labour saving features and is powered by the patented Pellet-Power burner designed to provide the very best in clean, high efficiency, combustion. Advanced digital control system. Intuitive, easy access integrated control panel. Quite and modulating power flue system allowing maximum combustion efficiencies to be achieved. Very low emissions. 

Primary and secondary air injection via the patented "PelletPower®" burner. Ash removal from the burner to the side of the appliance and then directly into the substantial ash pan. Easy maintenance thanks to the fully automatic, heat exchanger cleaning system. Easy multiple control connectivity via the integrated rear connection panel. Easily connected the accumulators, thermal stores or other energy saving devices (Thermocell® and/or Thermopuffer). Additional Silotherm 1 ton fuel tank or a lateral 100kg tank.

Technical Manuals

pdf CompactMatic 50 Installation, Maintenance and User Guide

pdf An introduction to pellet stoves and boilers

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